The Stirling Van Man

Well, it’s only been 2018 for a month, and already we’ve been to Paris, Rotterdam and Nice. These international trips are lovely, of course they are, but in June, July and August please 🙂 But really though it has been a busy month already. Not so much on the continent but certainly here at home. Sofas, white goods and other household items, our man with a van service has been non stop for a few weeks now.

Moving In Stirling

As people move around, they tend move things around with them (ironic) and although nobody ever moves home in January, shifting bits and bobs from here to there has always been a “thing” for January. Funnily enough more so in January than any other month of the year.

And in the 10+ years we’ve been running we’ve never worked out why either. We’ve looked at every trend we could think of and nothing else has a pattern to it.

Which week of the month is the busiest for removals or house clearances, which month of the year, which year of… You get the point… But nothing, and I mean nothing has ever shown a form or trend or pattern – except of course, people needing a man with a van, in January.

Then February Happens

As the months roll on into spring, and Christmas and New Year becomes a time of distant past, that’s when we see enquiries for larger home and business removals begin to pick up and I suppose that’ll be true for removals firms everywhere.

Stirling Uni is always a common pick up point at the beginning and end of term. We’re not sure if the uni accommodation closes for the summer or the students just get kicked out. All we know is that they’re all looking for summer digs and in need of a van & driver to get them from A to B.

Savvy little humans they are too. One will book a man and van and 8 of them will be waiting with all their worldly goods heading to all parts of Stirling. Nope, not today guys.

Even though students are notorious for pulling a fast one we really do enjoy what we do. We get to travel, visit new places and meet new people so being a white van man certainly does have an upside – and beats a 9 to 5 office job any day.

9 till 5 – day in, day out – forever. It even sounds claustrophobic.

The White Van Man

The title “white van man” though, doesn’t it sound a bit, well, a bit cliche? It kind of reminds you of one of those budget stock photos of a UPS guy with a cheesy smile in a brown jump suit and a matching baseball hat…

Whoops, talk of the devil and… Hi mate…

Seriously though, we are looking forward to 2018 and where it’ll take us. We traditionally have wagers on where we’ll be (outside Stirling) most throughout the year and the winner gets to spend his winning on the Christmas night out in December.

Yay everybody’s a winner 🙂

So here’s to 2018 and beyond. We’ll be in and around Stirling all year and you never know, we might even be visiting you at some point 🙂

If you do require a man with a van or need something shifted from here to there, don’t forget we’re always around and happy to help.

Might be worthwhile bookmarking this page just incase 🙂

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