Top 10 Best Hints To Remember When Moving Home In Stirling


Here is our list of 10 handy tips when moving home. If you have any questions or just need general advice when moving home, you're always more than welcome to give us a call for a friendly, no-obligation chat. Our contact details can be found below.

1) Book your removal with a reputable moving company first.

As soon as you know you're moving home, find a well established, reputable moving company and book your removal that day.

You'll be surprised at how many home movers leave this critical step to the last minute, then panic when they can't find a company available on their preferred moving date.

2) Begin packing early.

Moving home is stressful enough but you can help your move go flawlessly by simply being prepared. If you begin packing early, you'll be ready on moving day and the firm loading your belongings will be grateful for it.

It always makes sense to choose a single room and store any boxes, containers, bags and suitcases there as they're packed, leaving only furniture where it is. This not only leaves clear paths for the guys to safely remove your belongings from your home, but is sure to cut your move time in half.

3) You're running against the clock.

If you're selling the property you're moving out of, it usually means that someone else is moving in on the same day. Once funds have cleared through the buyer and sellers accounts, keys will change hands and that property now legally belongs to the new buyers.

Keys normally change hands between 12:00 & 13:00 which leaves you with little more than a morning to vacate the premises.

To ensure your home removal goes smoothly, it's always good practice to only use a reliable, well established moving company who have the experience and man power to undertake any home or business relocation within a few hours.

This doesn't apply if you're not selling up or just moving between rented accommodation and have access to both properties.

4) Only use sturdy, suitable removals boxes - available online.

Strong, suitable boxes are a must for any home or business relocation. They keep your belongings in perfect condition while being loaded into the van and unloaded into your new property.

You should never buy boxes or packing materials from a moving company however. In our bid to keep your moving costs to a minimum, we usually refer our customers directly to the supplier who will supply them at less than half the price. Give us a call for more info.

5) Empty drawers and wardrobes and pack contents into suitable bags/cases.

Drawers and wardrobes are designed to store clothing and rarely support their own weight if moved when full.

Clothes are surprisingly heavy when folded and packed into drawers, so rather than wait till moving day to realise your drawers and other storage units need emptied before they can be lifted, it's always best practice to clear them and pack the contents into suitable bags and cases before the moving truck arrives.

Simple things like this is also what can cut your move time down from a 6 hour mission to a 3 hour breeze.

6) Moving crockery, ornaments, glasses and fragile ceramics.

Fragile items should always be bubble wrapped and packed into suitable boxes before being moved. We take every care to protect your goods and deliver them to your new location in the same condition as they were packed.

You should be fully aware however that they will be traveling in the back of a vehicle which will be starting, stopping, turning and encountering speed bumps. To ensure your things are optimally packed, please always use bubble wrap when packing fragile items.

For bubble wrap, we refer our customers directly to the supplier who can supply it at almost half the cost. Give us a call for more info.

7) Boxes shouldn't be overfilled.

Boxes are designed to be stacked one on top of another so should never be filled to a point where it hinders the box closing properly.

As boxes bare the weight of whatever is stacked on top of them, an improperly packed box means they can't be stacked as cubes, resulting in the loss of some available packing space in the truck. In order to help a moving company pack their truck efficiently and help keep your goods safe, please ensure that no boxes or containers are overfilled.

8) Furniture & other large items are always loaded into the truck first.

Moving companies always pack larger items into the truck first such as beds, white goods, drawers and wardrobes before packing smaller items around them so it's always good practice to make sure that you leave plenty space for the movers to get to the large items without having to shift smaller things around just to make a path.

Not only is this safer and lessens the risk of trips and falls, but also cuts your move time by a massive amount.

9) Make sure everything is packed into suitable containers

You can double your move time easily by leaving loose items such as toys, bric-a-brac or shoes dotted around the house which means the guys will spend that extra time wandering around picking up things that could've been packed into a single box or suitable bag.

There's only so much bric-a-brac one can safely move with two hands without risk of dropping, so it really is the difference between a single porter making 8 trips to and from the truck and one trip with a single, well packed bag or box.

10) White goods should be disconnected prior to your moving company arriving.

Very few moving men are also qualified plumbers, gas engineers or electricians so disconnecting washing machines, dish washers and gas or electric cookers is pretty much out of the question legally as well as from an insurance point of view so all white goods much be disconnected from their mains and water supply prior to the movers arriving.

This list is the result of over a decade of experience in the moving industry so we know what will make it easy for us and what will make it easy for you.

Moving day can be as easy or as stressful as you want to make it. But by getting started on your move early and preparing yourself for moving day by following a few simple guidelines, you will save yourself time, tears and probably money.

You'll thank yourself for it later.

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